Key recommendations to prevent corruption

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

It’s a clear fact that the distance between government of Afghanistan and its people are increasing day by day. Despite of the presence of large number of international security forces the security deteriorates. People loss hopes for the future, the investors are not willing to invest because the future lays no where. If we start to analyze the root causes of insecurity we will find a dozens of internal and external factors which are equally contributing to insecurity but the on going corruption in the Afghanistan Governmental system is playing a prominent and bolder role than any thing else. The people of Afghanistan needs a transparent and equal opportunities to get advantage from the large bulk of international aid which is coming but no one feel accountable for its expenditure.

On Wednesday 30 June 2010, Eric Holder, the US attorney general, arrived in Afghanistan with a team of lawyers from the US justice department to discuss the fight against corruption with Afghan officials. “Fighting corruption and supporting the rule of law in Afghanistan are top priorities for this administration, and we will continue to assist the Afghan government in creating and sustaining the effective criminal justice system to which the Afghan people are entitled,” Holder said in a statement.

This gives us a hope that at least the international communities and most importantly the principal partners of the international coalition against terror are well aware about the on going crisis in Afghanistan. Me on my part would like to suggest to Eric Holder the US Attorney General who has just arrived to Afghanistan the following in order to set-up a strategy to fight and take effective steps in combating the on going corruption in Afghanistan.

We would like to suggest that Eric Holder and his team to work with his Afghan counter parts and involve active members of the civil society groups from all parts of Afghanistan so that a strong and independent accountability bureau get establishes, which will deal with corruption. Those nations who assist the government of Afghanistan in one way or other should become harmonize and recommend to the Government of Afghanistan to create observers’ offices in the ministries and line directorates not to report the corruption but to observe the performance of the entities. By doing so the service delivery system will get improve and people will not have to wait for days and months for getting their legal jobs done, which normally takes minutes. The visiting delegation under the leadership of Erich Holder and his Afghan counter parts should restrict the power of provincial governors and recommend to the Afghan Cabinet and the parliament to decentralize the bidding and contracting issues with a high level of transparencies. An independent commission is assigned to create standards and procedures for each process, replace old bureaucratic procedures with new ones. The legitimate body should recommend the creation of hot lines or a special court to deal with breaches and easy accessibility to the court should be ensured.

I am sure by doing so a sense of feeling of patriotism and national interest among the employees will be promoted itself.

In addition to the above a senior appointment board should be established composed of members from the Donor agencies, including the UN community so that any new appointment by the president office or on ministerial level goes through this board and a proper wetting process is ensured. Professional, self reliance’s, patriotic and honest staff are needed to work in the system, not corrupt people. Last but not the least the following five points should be given top priorities in order to fight corruption.

An independent commission to investigate frauds and corruptions should be established and members of the commission should be volunteered from civil society groups but political immunity and security should be provided by a private registered international security company so that they are not defendant to the Afghan Police force.

The strengthening of a strong and effective judicial system should be in place which is equipped and empowered with further immunity to prosecute the corrupt official regardless of his/her relation with X-Y and Z in the governmental system or international community level.

Different geographical and linguistic groups must have equal representation in the government and share in development. The entire citizens should feel that they are respected citizens of the state and their opinions are valuable.

Rule of law should be forced and social justice which is the dire need in order to provide equal opportunities and facilities to the people to bridge the gapes between people and the government. False promises and hollow slogans should be prevented.

A mechanism needs to be worked out to monitor the expenditure of resources. it must falls in safe hands. In addition to the above adopting of such policies that can strengthen national economy and reduce poverty because poverty is the root cause of all evils such as corruption, insurgency, political instability and violence of human rights.

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