Reflect on the concept of multiculturalism:

Reflect on the concept of multiculturalism:

While going through different approaches be they equality, respect for diversity, participation, social justice and so on. They are all adequate to protect what we are thinking of but if we look into the issue from a multicultural perspective which suggest that, “no political doctrine or ideology can represent the full truth of human life; be it liberalism, conservatism, socialism or nationalism” than all societies and countries in the world do not enjoy the same spirits. Some countries located in the central and south Asia and in Africa has got lots of serious challenges which needs world civil societies and human rights activists support to overcome those challenges so that, the challenges are overcome.

Different people live together and are embedded in a particular culture that represent a particular vision of the good life, and is necessarily narrow and partial. Liberalism, for example, is an inspiring political doctrine stressing such great values as human dignity, autonomy, liberty, critical thought and equality.

As mentioned by Bhikhu Parekh a multicultural society cannot be stable and last long without developing a common sense of belonging among its citizens. The sense of belonging cannot be ethnic and based on shared cultural, ethnic and other characteristics, for a multicultural society is too diverse for that, but must be political and based on a shared commitment to the political community. Unfortunately in Afghanistan due to four decades of war the inter-ethnic unity and degree of tolerance to accept that different ethnic groups can live together is badly damaged and is some-how in fragile states. Foreign intervention particularly of neighboring countries such as Iran and Pakistan played vital role to influence local traditional practices and culture. They do and should matter to each other because they are bonded together by the ties of common interest and attachment.

In any established and well developed society where states are committed to forming and accepting and living in society with multi-diversity; there must be adopted and well established rules and regulation and charters to guarantee that, people from all walks of the society regardless of their races, language, ethnicity, color, religion, physical, economic and social statues; the citizens must accept and respect and recognize the values of cultures that different people practices in the common society. There should not be excuse or inner force to tolerate what others are practicing or to tolerate the cultures of others. No certainly this should not be the case; I disagree with the word tolerate or to be tolerance to difference practices in the society in question to cultures and religious values but there should be resect for differences practices and recognition.

When these norms and different approaches are not respected, it prepares the grounds for conflicts. The best is well accepted and established rules and regulations to adjust and adapt to multicultural society.




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